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Ulcinj recent comments:

  • Hotel Bindi, Kosovare (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    hello! Please give me your contacts,email or phone number because I need to make a reservation for vacation.
  • Shopping Center, Miyoko Goto wrote 9 years ago:
    what kind of shops inside? cafe, restaurant, food court, electronics, supermarket, etc.
  • Ulcinj Shopping Center, makilemur wrote 9 years ago:
    Roofed over traditional market (d.d. May 2013)
  • Small Beach (Mala Plaža), Diblack wrote 12 years ago:
    куча народу и взвесь песка в воде
  • Bazar Apartments, Ulcinj, Kale75 wrote 13 years ago:
    Great place to visit!
  • Monument to Yugoslavian Air Forces, francoyrd wrote 13 years ago:
    It's a memorial to former Yugo Air Force. Resembles kind of tailplane.
  • Monument to Yugoslavian Air Forces, (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    Yeah - seriously - WTF?! It looks like a rocket or some kind of nuclear stuff - lol
  • Ulcinj Castle, Paul65 wrote 15 years ago:
    Great views from the top, especially if you walk to the north-western ramparts
  • Small Beach (Mala Plaža), Paul65 wrote 15 years ago:
    The plage is not very big, but it has some pluses: unlike the Great Beach (Velika Plaja), it is protected with rocks - it's in fact a bay - and the waves are not so high here in windy weather. It has permanent tents around; and there are shops and cafes near it (the best restaurants are uphill, in the castle).
  • Ulcinj Bus Terminal bus parking, Paul (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    Note that the bus terminal is a bit away from the street. Be sure to check time-table AND possible changes therein in advance. Close to the terminal, if you walk towards the city center, there's a very nice meat shop (they sell other foodstuffs too) where you can buy nice cured meat. Outside, on certain dates, normally Thursdays (before Friday when the Muslims are supposed to have rest), raw mutton - mostly whole rams, skinned :) are sold outside from a truck. A number of cafees and shops around. Don't waste your time for beer on tap, though; there is hardly a couple of places in Ulcinj where it is sold... if they have it on this certain day :) Have wine instead.