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Ulcinj (Montenegrin: Улцињ, Ulcinj; Albanian: Ulqin or Ulqini) is a coastal town and municipality in Montenegro. The town of Ulcinj has a population of 10,828 (2003 census) of which the majority are Albanians. Ulcinj is the centre of Ulcinj Municipality and the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro. This southernmost municipality of Montenegro has a population of 20,290.

Area code: +382 82
Car plates: UL
Postal code: 85360

The wider area of Ulcinj has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, based on dating of Illyrian tombs (tumuli) found in the village of Zogaj, in the vicinity of Ulcinj. The town is believed to have been founded in the 5th century BC by colonists from Colchis, as mentioned in the 3rd century BC poem by Apollonius of Rhodos.
Before the medieval period, Ulcinj was known as one of the pirate capitals of the Adriatic Sea. This is also seen during the later period of Illyrian Kingdom.

Population: around 12,000.
Ethnic groups (2003 census):
Albanians (72.14%)
Montenegrins (11.93%)
Serbs (7.44%)
Muslims by nationality (3.36%)
Bosniaks (1.46%).

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